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Acting - Writing - Comedy

Brad grew up in Cedar Springs, Michigan. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a teaching degree and taught high school speech and drama for two years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business.

CURRENT: Brad appears in a new short film called “The Return of Bunny Boy” which was chosen as an official selection in the Los Angeles Film Festival Indy Short Fest  also in the film “Admission” which was an award nominee in the IndieX Film Fest. Brad completed a starring role on a pilot for a new series. He’s currently  starring in the critically acclaimed web series, “News For The Terribly Impatient.” ¯Brad had a starring role in a sitcom pilot and appeared in a Doritos commercial playing three different roles. He completed two short films and has been performing stand-up comedy at clubs, casinos and theatres. His latest stage play Middle Class, Too is now available from Samuel French.


Brad’s many television and film acting credits include: Parks and Recreation; two years costarring as Izzy Adams on The Young and The Restless; Freshman Dorm; Married...With Children; Dan Quayle, Just Kidding; Unsolved Mysteries; Love Chronicles; Out of Control; Second Cousin, Once Removed; Hellbent; The Playboy Comedy Hour; The New Gong Show (co-host); Beakman's World; Scream (Sony Pilot); Show Off (Host); many national commercials, including AT&T, HiFi.Com and McDonalds; Brad is also a critically acclaimed stage actor and has appeared in dozens of stage productions in Los Angeles and across the country.


Brad has been a contributing writer and producer for many television shows, including: Family Feud; Parental Control (MTV) The Sunday Comics (FOX); Comic Strip Live (FOX); Into The Night (ABC); Evening at the Improv (A&E); Haywire! (FOX); The Tonight Show (NBC); Just the Ten Of Us (ABC). Brad wrote special comedy material for National Lampoon and helped create a groundbreaking interactive television network for U.S. West and Time Warner. Brad is a world renowned playwright and has written many stage plays (published by the dramatic publishing giant Samuel French, Inc.) that have received hundreds of productions in the United States and all over the world: Class Action; Second Class; Sightings; High Tide; The Road Taken; L.A. River Anthology; Dancing by Myself; Middle Class; and many others.


stand-up and group performer. Has appeared on numerous standup comedy television shows, including VH1 Spotlight; Comedy Tonite; Haywire!; Playboy Comedians; Comedy Stars USA; Standup Cafe; and NBC's Funny People. Member of the original Comedy Store Players and founding member of the critically acclaimed Los Angeles based comedy teams Moving Violations, the Shecky Brothers and Carl and Buzz with over 30 years performing sketch and improv comedy at clubs, colleges, and niteries throughout the country. Brad was voted "Comedian of the Year" by Playboy.


The Return of Bunny Boy OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Short Fest - Best Acting
The Return of Bunny Boy OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Short Fest - Best Drama Short