written by Brad Slaight


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Flexible Large Cast. Third Class is the fourth in Brad Slaight's "Class" plays series and continues to explore the school experience from the students' POV via the many experiences they encounter as they interact with each other outside of the classroom. Like the other Class Plays, Third Class addresses a variety of contemporary topics and issues, both humorous and serious, that make up the important and unpredictable high school years.






copies022a2m. 6f. Full length play in two acts. The setting for this play is an orientation camp for new teenage clones. They are sent to “Camp I.M.U” fresh from the lab to make a transition into the world of the “Originals” who have ordered them made. The newest “Copy” (a word they prefer to “clone”) to arrive is a very bright and positive teenager named Michael who soon realizes what the other copies in his cottage have known for awhile – that their stay at the camp is much longer than they had thought. Michael befriends a rebellious Copy named Melissa, who does not get along with her Original and refuses to change her attitude in order to please her. She informs Michael, and the other Copies, that she is going to escape from the camp and fight for what she calls “copy rights”.

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0022675_middle_class_3006f. 4m. (Flexible casting.)

Middle Class continues the exploration of student life outside of the classroom by the author of Class Action and Second Class.  This time the focus is on the life and times of students who are in Middle School/Junior High and the joys, struggles, and growing pains they face.

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MiddleClassToo6m. 12 f (Flexible casting)

Middle Class, Too is a continuation of lifes and times of studnets attending a Middle School/Junior High as they travel through the awkward transition from child to young adult..

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Class Action

0022673_class_action_300Flexible cast. An evening of twenty-five short scenes and monologues. Commissioned by the Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) In San Francisco, this play has won critical acclaim for its entertaining yet relevant and realistic portrayal of life at a High School. The many diverse scenes collectively make up the play. Although each scene stands on its own, there is a common thread - all of the vignettes deal with situations that take place outside the classroom, perhaps the most important experiences that young people deal with while attending High School.

"Class Action is funny...clever and inventive." - 20th Century Reviews (4 Stars)

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Sightings & High Tide

0022645_high_tide_300SIGHTINGS 2m. 1f. Ext. Jarred sits alone in a clearing awaiting a visitor from afar who will take him and his lifelong friend, Julie, to planet Zun. He and Julie have been friends for years, but the pressure of social acceptance has created a canyon in their relationship and Julie has gone to the prom with someone else. When Julie's loser date for the prom shows up, Jarred must defend himself and the woman he's loved all his life.

HIGH TIDE 3m. 2f. Ext. On a California beach, two surfers have just come from the funeral of a close friend. The two young men confide in each other about Kirk, and they agree that possibly, they never really knew him. A chance encounter with two young Midwestern women on vaction helps the guys sort out feelings about the death of their best friend, and reveals the truth about Kirk's passing.

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The Road Taken

0022878_joy_ride_300Three One Act Comedies: The Open Road (1f,2m); Joy Ride (4f); Up Late with Ryan (5f,2m). The Road Taken represents the many choices young adults are presented with in the world. The Open Road mixes contemporary and classic language, as a young man is so inspired by poet Walt Whitman that he decides to impersonate him, much to the dismay of his parents. In Joy Ride, four high school girls embark on a risky journey when one of the girls “borrows” a driver’s education car for a very important reason and asks her friends to come along. Up Late with Ryan is not your typical “late night talk show” because it is hosted by a high school student and all the guests are people from his life.

*This play was chosen by the University of Scranton for their freshman orientation. All incoming freshman were given a copy.

"'The Open Road' is a great play. It brings across a very good point to cherish your children and take time out for them because they grow up fast." - The Skyliner, North Greenville College

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Second Class

0022674_second_class_3006f. 4m. (Flexible casting.) Suggested Scenery. Full length play runs about 90 minutes. This continuation of Class Action covers a variety of contemporary subjects, both serious and lighthearted. In too many plays, high school students are presented as angst-ridden teens desperately trying to make it through each day. Yes, there are plenty of obstacles, but as this play shows, there are plenty of good times and lots of laughter, too.


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 Dancing by Myself

DANCINGFlexible cast. Simple staging. Dancing by Myself consists of six mini-plays that all feature young adults. This entertaining and enlightening collection contains a variety of situations that young actors as well as audiences of any age can relate to. Among the many diverse subjects explored here are: parental pressure, cheating, fan clubs, teen pregnancy, first love, group acceptance, and even the honesty that can only be found in one's subconscious mind.

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HOW SWEDE IT IS (Two One-Act Plays) Available through Premium Playwrights


The setting is a room at a Los Angles S & M parlor in this one act comedy. Enter Ryan, a man in search of some discipline. His encounter with statuesque Mistress Lena becomes more than he bargained for and his need to be absolved comes with some real pain, both mentally and physically.






ingarascalOne act comedy with heart. Inga and Dan, the last two contestants in a radio contest, camp out on a billboard high atop Sunset Boulevard trying to outlast each other to see who can stay the longest without giving up. They both desperately need the prize money for different reasons and living in this kind of close proximity can only lead to some discoveries that will affect both of their lives for years to come.






lariver(with Apologies to Edgar Lee Masters) A Hollywood cemetery is the setting for this hilarious and sometimes poignant parody of Edgar Lee Masters' classic Spoon River Anthology. Like Spoon River, the residents of L.A. River have all passed from the world of the living. However, the characters in this Hollywood cemetery have something in common - they all worked in show business when they were living. Each year - on the night of the biggest award show in Hollywood - the residents of this cemetery come out from behind their tombstones to make a brief, funny, and often times poetic statement about their lives.