Brad Slaight Bad Guy Headshot

Brad Slaight Heashot Suit and Tie


Smirky Brad

Brad Slaight Headshot Glasses and Lab Coat

Brad Slaight Headshot Suit and Tie

Brad Slaight Headshot Casual Sitting On Chair

Brad Slaight Headshot Black & White Bad Guy

Brad Slaight hugging girlfriend Karen

Carl Bradley in Mock TV Guide Cover

Improv Comedy Group at the L.A. Cabaret

Still from the stager play Inga & the Rascal

Tony Robinson and Brad Slaight dressed as Love Boat Crew

Brad Slaight on set of Young and Restless CBS

Friend Mark Kadlec

Brad Slaight as Psychic George Anderson on Unsolved Mysteries

Brad Slaight and Mark Kadlec as The Shecky Brothers

Brad Slaight, Mark Kadle, Steve Devorkin as The Moving Violations Comedy Group

Karen and Brad Slaight dressed as Moe from the 3 Stooges

Karen Esswein

Moving Violations Comedy Group on Stage

Brad Slaight with his Family at Christmas

Brad Slaight Before & After weight loss picture

Brad Slaight with Michael Corbett on Young and the Restless

Still photo from parody 3 Stooges

Moving Violations Reunion Show Poster

Brad on Parks & Recreation

Brad with Karen in Michigan

carl and buzz 170Asmall2

As Dan Quayle


Baby Brad